Slot Overview: Rise of the Valkyries Splitz

The third installment in Boomerang’s Lightning Chase series of slot machines, Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz is powered by ReelPlay and Yggdrasil Gaming. Boomerang has Yggdrasil’s Splitz mechanism, which we haven’t seen in a while, in addition to the Lightning Chase hold-and-win core feature. For the tenth spin, Boomerang re-introduces Splitz symbols to the board using a cycle mechanic. No need to rush things; first, let’s take in the Norse realm of the Valkyries and worry about the details later.

First, a few words on the overall tone of Boomerang’s Lightning Chase slots, which leans toward the surreal. Temple Frenzy, which removed the clunky Boom+ rules from its predecessor Lady Merlin, nonetheless failed to impress. And thus we reach Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz, a game that transports its players to a rugged alpine area. Players interested in Norse mythology will like the game’s beautiful visuals, brief animated sequences, and occasionally dramatic music. When it comes to mythology-themed slot machines, Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz holds its own visually.

As you can see, the potential is rather sizable despite the slot’s low volatility, and players may wager anywhere from 30 p/c to £/€30 every spin. The RTP has also increased when compared to earlier iterations of the series, which is always a plus. Nearly one-quarter, or 24.44%, of spins on the 5-reel, 3-row game grid result in a win. This occurs when like symbols appear on the first reel’s first and second-to-last rows, moving clockwise. Because rows don’t matter for determining winning combinations, there are 243 ways to win, with that number increasing to 15,552 thanks to the Splitz symbols.

The game’s pay symbols are well-suited to the theme, and include card suit tiles (0.33x the bet for 5 of a kind), spears (0.66x the wager for 5 of a kind), shields (0.66x the bet for 5 of a kind), ravens (0.66x the bet for 5 of a kind), and gates (1.66x the bet for 5 of a kind). The wild symbol, depicted as a horse with a Valkyrie on its back, may be used to form winning combinations by standing in for any of the normal paying symbols.

Slot Functions in Rise of the Valkyries Splitz

Spin 10 Splitz is a feature exclusive to Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz that allows players to play the game in batches of ten spins. To begin, understand that the Valkyrie represents the Splitz symbol, which, when activated, can grant you 2, 3, or 4 more occurrences of paying symbols, currency symbols, or wilds. All Splitz symbols must be divided before any wins can be tallied. There are 15,552 potential outcomes when splitting is at maximum strength. When a Splitz symbol appears on spins 1 through 9 in a cycle, its location is marked with a unique border. Then, on the cycle’s last turn, all bordered spots become Splitz.

Stop and spin again

The game’s currency symbols are another important visual cue to keep an eye on. The face value of each coin ranges from 1x to 888x the wager. When the Collect icon is in view, the value of any coins in the vicinity are rewarded. In the Hold & Respin bonus game, you get three free spins if you can see at least six coins. The trigger coins remain stationary while the rest of the coins are spun. If further coins are received, they are retained and the number of spins is reset to 3. The Collect button is the only other icon, and it will add up all the coins in view before moving on to the next round of the bonus. When the bonus spins reach zero, the round will terminate.

Axis Attack

If this option is presented, players can raise the stakes by placing a Side Strike bet. Simply select a wager and then decide how many red or green chips you believe will appear on reels 1 and 5. These chips are miniature versions of the icons used in the game’s overlay mode. The expected value of a Side Strike bet is 98%.

Conclusion on the Slot Game “Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz”

If you’re the type who enjoys a challenging theme more than challenging gameplay, you could find some enjoyment here. or a fan of games where you collect a set number of spins. There aren’t very many slot machines of this type out there right now, and certainly none that include Valkyries, so consider this one another addition to the canon. In place of the normal wild symbol introduced on the last spin of these games, the combination of the ten spin item and Splitz is extremely ingenious. After a large number of reel spots have been marked on spins 1 through 9, Rise of the Valkyrie may be really fascinating. You’ll be rubbing your hands together in anticipation of what might drop on the tenth spin.

Spin 10 Splitz was a lot of fun, even more so than the main attraction, Lightning Chase hold ‘n spin. Trying to maintain optimism, but this really is that simple. As a result, it detracts from the overall quality of Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz. Good prizes may be won, to be sure, but not much planning has gone into it. It’s as easy as hitting coins, filling up spaces, and landing on the Collect sign. If everything goes according to plan, you might win as much as 5,000 times your initial wager.

We enjoyed playing Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz, but it’s not a game we’re dying to play again. There are now three games in the Lightning Range from Boomerang, and while Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz is visually pleasing and doesn’t suffer from any of the series’ more egregious quirks like the Boom+ annoyance, it doesn’t exactly set the world on fire, either.